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A Dream You Heard but Never Knew: Act I
England x Reader x Spain
Here the girl is, sitting all alone, watching as her now eighteen-year-old cousin sweep the dance floor with her boyfriend of three years, enjoying like it was the time of her life.
(Name) only sighed as she looked down on her fourteen-year-old self and asked why she never got around with anything. Lost in her thoughts, she never noticed someone approaching her at the back.
Hearing a click and a flash, she momentarily looked up from staring before looking around. Her eyes rested on a lean young man now beside her.
He had light blond hair, a frown that seemed to bore through his face, shimmering emerald green eyes and...
'What huge eyebrows.'
The petite female stared at him for a few minutes before he spoke up.
"It's nice to dance with someone, does it?"
The bored girl only hummed, a bit disappointed she didn't get to sing. "Maybe."
The unusually attractive young blond removed the camera strap hanging from his shoulder and held his hand
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A Dream You Heard but Never Knew: Intro
England x Reader x Spain
Why does the world has to be so unfair?
How come people still live and never noticed the loneliness that lingered inside the young girl.
She was like a bird. Trapped in a cage that was so-called "Home".
Countless fights broke, sleepless nights ran, many promises broke, so much lies to deceive.
And still..
Where was the love?
It was those many fights over trivial matters that has always occurred in every single minute.
"(Name)!!! Where is the gold bracelet!?"
The teen rolled her eyes before getting up and leaving her tablet
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Spain x England: WORK!? What work!?
"Man,  I'm bored." Elizabeth drawled as she rubs her stomach, lying sprawled on the couch. 
A grumpy Italian made his way to the couch and signaled the girl. She lifted her legs and the guy took the place where the pair of limbs once rested.
Not a second later she let those limbs drop on his lap. A bit heavily. 
He glared daggers at the young girl and grunted.  "Are you'a  trying to crush my'a balls!?"
"..... Maybe... "
"What's'a with you!? "
"The fact that you alw
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Spain x UK: Your Guys-!? (Crack)
WARINING!! Lots of swearing because, duh, Romano's, like, here....!
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Searching for "Arthur Kirkland"
Conversation started November 1, 2014
España: Hoy, Inglaterra, why didn't you tell me!?

España: Inglaterra...

España: Inglaterra!!!

España: Hoy, hoy, hoy, hoy, hoy... HOY!

England: What is it, you bloody git?!

España: You never told me!!


España: Inglaterra, you tell me right now!! I will count off!!

España: Cinco!

España: Cuatro!

España: Tres!!

España: Dos!!

España: UNO!!
The Brit sigh as he read the last message before calmly sipping his tea.
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  • Listening to: Rain
  • Playing: Double Lariat - Hetaloid (Loop)
  • Eating: Tapioca
I was playing "Double Lariat", sung by Hetaloid, during sleep. Then, I was in a dark room.

I tried to feel around my surroundings.

I suddenly felt another hand- no, three hands pushing me back into the dark.

But I landed on a chair (A really nice one, actually), and looked around. In front of me are multiple people preparing for a show. Then...

A super-realistic Toris went over and asked me if I was alright. (Homaiga, the feels, man. He was more handsome in real life, and I mean 4D, like, in our image... Cue blush)

He gave me a battle of water and said "sorry" because he has nothing good to offer. I said thanks, anyways.

The room got ark, and I heard footsteps, crowds behind me, I turned my head around and saw some Hetalia characters, all of them, canon and fanon, made and imaginative, all REALLY realistic.

I was starting to freak out.

There was a mic tap. I turned away and focused on the stage. There were four guys holding different guitars.

Realized they were Arthur, Alfred, Matthieu and Antonio. (Cue inner-fangirl)

Antonio was sitting on a white, box-like chair. He plucked a few strings before starting.

I heard a piano accompanying it, spotting Roderich playing an electric keyboard and Ivan singing. Mathieu, the bassist, joined in for more soul. Ivan smiled directly at me.

He was so handsomely cute. And his build is somewhat terrifying.

Then when Ivan stopped singing and Antonio stopped plucking, Alfred strummed his guitar with Arthur. Matthieu was handling well with them. (I hope the commotion I heard at my back are not directed at a floating bass, otherwise I facepalmed)

And I was very surprised.

Gilbert looks good playing the drums.

I saw Roderich press a few buttons before nodding to Kiku, who was behind a synthesizer. Typical Kiku.

The main guitarists stopped and Antonio did his thing again with Matthieu, Kiku and Roderich with the effects produced. At this point Ludwig was singing.

Gibert intervened with a beat, and Feliciano started singing sweetly. (HE WAS ADORABLE, AND HANDSOME. JEBUS)

With Feliciano's part coming to an end, Arthur did some long riffs with the guitar, while Alfred strummed as the former started to sing. (I ALMOST FAINTED, even though I was sleeping)

He looks very good singing while playing the guitar...

Cue the interlude.

Francis started to sing. It was really funny, he never showed ay signs of sexuality. (Which is a good thing, of course)

... He sounds so suave...

Then after his solo, Yao entered with his funny accent of using a nasal tone. He was cute, aru.

Then, here goes Antonio, doing the plucking while singing. (He was so hot I swear!!)

I was really amused (yet fingerling inside at the same time) when Alfred (I now realized he was doing the main chords) blinked as Arthur did a long guitar riff while him bending over then arching at the highest notes. Ivan enters.

I realized (Again...) that there were voices accompanying everyone, I looked even far back and saw the Baltic trio, Katrina, Natalya, Erzebert, Emma, Liet, and Michelle singing backup...

It was Ivan's solo (Again), then I notice the crowd calms down, someone touches my shoulder, and I saw my country, Philippines. We chatted, and she whispered something that I didn't catch.

I don't know.

The strangest thing was... I actually felt her. It was way to creepy, since they're 2D, right?

Then it was Kiku's turn to sing. He's kawaii, urrrggghhh....

Alfred follows afterward, and his voice is... Meh.. But still, he looks good with a guitar. (Not as much as Toni and Iggy, tho//SHOT!)

At the last part, Ivan finishes it. They all waved, then Arthur and Francis started arguing. Maybe it's about being too sweaty, since Francis was fresh as a daisy, and Arthur was sweating all over. (So much for those guitar hero moments, England~)

Antonio put down his guitar and pointed at me, talking to Ivan.

Now, I realize one last thing; I looked like I was in my mid-20's. I did saw when Francis threw a mirror and Arthur dodged, nearly missing my head.

Ivan went down the stage and asked me if I could join them.

I said yes.

Who doesn't want to?

I said my congratulations to everyone for doing their show well. I was hugged my multiple sweaty dudes afterwards, some awkwardly, receiving compliments here and there. (Which I was disgusted but pleased at the same time) And some hugged me WAAAYY too hard. (Stupid strength of those dudes, but I felt some muscl-//SHOT!)

They all smiled at me, and told me I'll see them again. I just had to wait, they said.

I woke up afterwards, it was four in the morning.

It was still dark, the song was still blaring through the earphones.

I was speculating it was a nice dream when I caught a whiff of different scents on me. Some alcohol, there was eau de cologne, and... some beverage scents..

I also felt that the front of my shirt was wet. (I was sleeping in an air-conditioned room)

I grinned and went back to sleep.

I dunno, but the dream was so realistic, I thought I wasn't dreaming.... QAQ


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Hey!! Lei here!!! Be sure to check out Lalala0903!! She's Lin!!

I like a lot of stuff... Basic Information. Attending UPHSI. Likes Ice cream, writing, music, books, and the net!! Meeting new artists (In my case, friends) are AWESOME!!! Yeah...

((I look like Hungary...))



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